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Queer Up: a guide to LGBTQ+ love, life and mental health

Why do I feel like this? Is this normal? Is it OK to feel like this? Will this go away? Does anybody else feel like this?

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To help you find some of your own answers to these questions, we’re sharing two chapters from Queer Up, a new book for queer and questioning teens by Shout Volunteer Alexis Caught.

The chapters are free to download, thanks to Walker Books, and are packed with advice, activities and information on topics like:

  • Who and what is the ‘LGBTQ+ community’?
  • How to handle overwhelming questions
  • Living with pride
  • The power of self-love
  • Allyship
  • LGBTQ+ history

Queer Up was inspired by many of the conversations Alexis took with young LGBTQ+ texters as a Shout Volunteer. He noticed that lots of the same questions and challenges he faced as a teenager were coming up again and again for texters.


You are not alone. It's 'normal' to have questions and it’s 'normal' to be confused. You are not the first person to have questions about how they feel, about their body, about how they identify or who they are.

The result - a supportive, empowering and uplifting guide to help queer and questioning young people explore their LGBTQ+ identity and understanding, with a key focus on positive mental health strategies.

Download your free chapters today.

Alexis Caught is the creator and co-host of award-winning LGBTQ+ podcast Qmmunity, a mental health advocate, qualified psychotherapist, Shout Volunteer, writer, speaker, model and rugby player.

Queer Up: An uplifting guide to LGBTQ+ love, life and mental health is available to buy now. Thank you to Walker Books for donating 20p from every copy sold to Shout.