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20 August 2021

Tips for Loss of Motivation

It’s not uncommon to experience a loss of motivation. There can be many different reasons, such as feeling overwhelmed, having something knock your confidence, not enjoying a task you’re doing or as a symptom of living with a mental health condition, like depression. If you are struggling to find motivation in any area of your life, our tips might help you take the first step towards facing this challenge.

Think about your ‘why’

There may be valid reasons for your loss of interest in things. You could be putting things off (procrastination) or expecting everything you do to be perfect; you may be avoiding discomfort, experiencing self doubt, having too much going on, feeling obligated or struggling with a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression. If you can pinpoint why you are losing interest in things, then you can begin to think about practical ways to address it.

Try the 10 minute rule

Getting started on something can often be the toughest part. Try setting yourself 10 minutes to do the task and then ask yourself if you want to stop or continue. Surprisingly it can often feel easier to keep going in 10 minute chunks once you’ve got over that first hurdle of starting.

Think about balance

Now that lockdown restrictions are largely lifted, there has been an understandable move towards socialising again for many people. When we’re out of practice this can be both daunting and exhausting so it’s important to try and achieve a good balance between social time and alone time to recharge. It’s ok to say no to invitations or to reschedule.

Pair a chore with something pleasurable

Pairing chores and activities you’re not keen to do with something you also enjoy can make it seem more appealing. So watch your favourite movie whilst ironing, listen to music or an audiobook while going for a walk/run, take someone with you for company when you run your errands or make your work environment more appealing with favourite items around you or by making your favourite cuppa to have while you work.

Be kind to yourself

During lockdown our lives changed dramatically, we had to adapt, and it took time to adjust! You may feel a pressure to ‘get back to normal’ when you’re still adapting to this new situation and lack your normal motivation. Give yourself permission to do this at your own pace and be gentle with yourself. Creating a self-care plan can help while you’re adapting: eating well, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and time outdoors, as well as making time for relaxation and fun, can make all the difference.

Seek support

Talking with those you trust about how you’re feeling can bring relief, understanding and comfort, as can speaking to a professional. You can also text ‘Shout’ to 85258 at any time to chat with a trained Shout Volunteer.