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Safeguarding at Shout: information for children and young people

Shout is a text service that anyone in the UK can use free of charge.

Children and adults can text SHOUT to 85258 at any time of the day or night to start a conversation with a trained volunteer.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is about keeping all children and young people safe and making sure they can grow up with the best chances.

The law says that we must make sure that when you text us, we do what we can to protect you.

Shout Volunteers are trained to listen, to help you express what is on your mind and to help you to stay safe.


How we safeguard children and young people

We work with all children and young people, no matter:

  • where they come from
  • what race they are
  • how they express their gender
  • what their religion is
  • whether or not they have a disability

When you text with one of our Shout Volunteers, you will have the chance to:

  • be listened to
  • feel calmer
  • be treated fairly
  • be protected from harm
  • get help with keeping safe
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What happens if you tell us that you are not safe or are being hurt?

Your texts with Shout stay private if you are telling us about everyday problems that do not affect your safety.

When does this change?

If we are worried that you are

  • being hurt
  • unsafe
  • in danger
  • or if someone else is at risk of getting hurt

This includes risk to yourself through suicide and self harm.

When we are worried about your safety, we may need to:

  • speak to a safeguarding team who can protect you
  • contact other people who support children and families

We will always try and talk to you about this before making such calls.


Things to remember:

  • You have the right to be kept safe from harm

  • It is never your fault if someone is hurting you

  • We are here to listen and to help