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08 March 2024

Celebrating the women in our community

This International Women's Day, we're celebrating the amazing women who make up our Shout community.

1,870 active Shout Volunteers are women and, in the last year, we took 436,500 conversations with 174,600 texters who identify as women or girls, making up a large part of our service.

Meet the community

Shout texters who identify as women or girls:

  • 51% were aged between 14-24. 11% were even younger (13 or younger)
  • 36% - or 63,370 texters - identified at LGBTQ+
  • 80% found their conversation helpful
A non-binary trans woman and a non-binary person enjoying time on the couch.jpg

Shout Volunteers who identify as women:

  • 32% are aged 18-24 and a further 22% are 25-34. This is a reversal of UK volunteering trends, where those aged most likely to volunteer are aged 65+
  • 18% identify as LGB+, compared to around 6% of the general UK population
  • As a digital and remote role, volunteering for Shout is an accessible opportunity and 16% consider themselves to have a disability
Become a part of our team


“I was inspired to volunteer because I could see the impact mum was able to have, and hoped that I would be able to make a difference, too.”

Tiffany Shout Volunteers Tiffany and her mum Karen tell us what they love about supporting texters in mental health crisis Read their story
Shout volunteer mother daughter duo Tiffany Karen.png

Here for girls

51% of Shout texters who identify as women are between 14 - 24.

With the number of girls struggling with eating disorders and self harm on the rise, early intervention and access to in-the-moment services like Shout are vital.

This International Women's Day, please help us to be there for girls and women when they need us most by making a donation.

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