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21 June 2021

Shout's Little book of coping skills

Our Little Book of Coping Skills is a collection of the things texters have told Shout Volunteers they’ll do to help them feel better after a conversation with our service.

Whether you’re feeling anxious, stressed or low, this booklet has plenty of tips and techniques you can try whenever you need them.

Download your free copy

Relaxing after a conversation with Shout

Here’s some of the top things people tell us they do to help them relax once they’ve finished a conversation with our Shout Volunteers:

  • Taking your mind off things by streaming your favourite TV show or series
  • Putting the TV on in the background and making a cup of tea
  • Watching a film with family, friends or pets

The power of music

Music can have a powerful effect on wellbeing. It can boost your mood, remind you of a particular time in your life, make you want to move your body or help you unwind and relax into sleep.


Writing and being creative

Writing down how you feel can help you to take control of your feelings when you can’t find the words to speak out loud. If writing isn't for you, drawing, painting or collaging can have them same effect.



Exercise can be hugely beneficial to how you feel. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, low mood or stress, moving your body can be a really good way to help boost your mental wellbeing.

Just 10 minutes of walking outside can increase our alertness, energy and positive mood. It can help you sleep, and contribute to positive routine.


Make time for self-care

Setting aside time for yourself to do small things that feel good can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing when done regularly. Try to prioritise this for yourself.

Download the Little Book of Coping Skills