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27 October 2022

Mental health activist Pandora Morris launches ‘Hurt To Healing’ podcast in partnership with Shout

A new podcast that aims to raise awareness and destigmatise mental health issues has been launched by mental health activist Pandora Morris in partnership with Shout.

‘Hurt to Healing’ will provide the listener with a unique blend of raw-and-honest conversations with people from all walks of life on their own mental health battles. Having experienced her own battles with OCD and an eating disorder, Pandora feels there is still a long way to go in mental health.

Hurt to healing podcast.png

She says: “Despite certain conditions being spoken about more openly than ever before, a lot of shame still surrounds those who are suffering and there are still a lot of disorders which aren’t recognised or seen as being worthy of attention. This is what I want to change with the Hurt to Healing podcast.”

Hurt to Healing will include long form interviews guided by Pandora in which a special guest opens up about an invisible struggle they have faced or continue to battle - from PTSD, anxiety to imposter syndrome and addiction. Guests include Vogue’s former editor Alexandra Shulman, actress Davinia Taylor, journalist Radhika Sanghani and jewellery designer Theo Fennell, as well as two members of Shout’s clinical team, Dr Ariele Noble and Dr Lia Maragkou.

Victoria Hornby, CEO of Mental Health Innovations, the charity behind the Shout support service said: "We are delighted to be a partner of the Hurt to Healing podcast. The issues Pandora covers such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders are ones we see our texters contact Shout about on a daily basis. Many of the people who reach out to us for help have nowhere else to turn. By raising awareness of these issues through the Hurt to Healing series, Pandora is helping to break down the stigma and let people know that whatever they’re going through, they do not have to face it alone.”

The Hurt to Healing podcast will be available to listen weekly at Apple and Spotify starting from Tuesday 25 October 2022. Follow @hurttohealingpod for updates.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised or are in need or support, text SHOUT to 85258 to start a free, confidential conversation with a trained volunteer. If your life is in imminent risk, please call 999.