Transcript of the 2021 #MentalHealthMinute

Dame Shirley Bassey: "Every radio station across the nation, right now, in this very moment is singing the same song"

Joanna Lumley: "That's right. we're all broadcasting the same energy"

Charles Dance: "transmitting much needed empathy, we're all hitting the same notes"

David Beckham: "taking time to reflect through the most challenging of years, coming together, to share understanding, love and hope"

Hussain Manawer: "we have started many much-needed conversations, and that is exceptional"

Jesse Lingard: "right across the nation, the shift every generation is playing against stigma towards change is incredible"

The Duke of Cambridge: "so as we come to the end of this Mental Health Awareness Week, it would be great to keep talking"

Anne-Marie: "to a loved one, friend, or colleague, let's keep making the conversation accessible"

The Duchess of Cambridge: "because our mental health binds every single one of us together"

Jamie Oliver: "it's universal, it unites us, it's what makes us inseparable"

Written by Hussain Manawer