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Tips if you're struggling to sleep

We've all been there. You glance at your phone and it's the early hours of the morning, yet you've still not managed to get to sleep.

Here are some of our top tips that can help:

Cut down on stimulants

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol close to your bedtime. These can stimulate your brain and make it difficult to get some much needed shut eye.

Move your body

Exercise helps you to sleep better. As little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking or cycling, can drastically improve nighttime sleep quality.

Get enough natural light

This is particularly important for individuals who may not venture outside frequently. Exposure to sunlight during the day, as well as darkness at night, helps to maintain good sleep.

Establish a relaxing routine

Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine and a regular bedtime. A regular nightly routine helps the body recognise that it is bedtime. This could include taking warm shower or bath, reading a book, or listening to a podcast.

Try not to look at your phone before bed

Since the start of the pandemic, around 1 in 5 of our conversations with texters have mentioned the words 'exhausted', 'tired' or 'fatigue'. If you're feeling like it's just you struggling to cope, you're not alone.

Shout Volunteers are here for you 24/7, day or night. You can text SHOUT to 85258 to speak to someone about how you're feeling.