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Stream for Shout

Can you raise money for Shout by doing what you love?

In the last 24 hours, we've taken around 2,000 conversations with people who were suicidal, depressed or anxious. But being there 24/7 takes funding. We can't keep our service running without the help of people like you.

Join our Discord community or send us an email to get started.

Join us this Mental Health Awareness Week

On 13 - 19 May, we're holding our next week-long, round-the-clock community streaming event to raise vital funds and awareness for our service.

You'll join a team of content creators in holding your own fundraising livestream. How you fundraise is entirely up to you - whether it's one streaming marathon, a gaming event or streams held over the entire week, the money you raise will have a huge impact on people around the UK in need of immediate mental health support.

Email us to get involved

Fundraising ideas

Whether you're a streaming pro or fancy having a go for the first time, there's lots of ways to turn a fun night in with friends into a successful fundraiser.

  • Challenge yourself  to stream for 6, 12 or 24 hours
  • Let viewers decide what you do with rewards, polls and incentives
  • Team up with friends to stream a game you've never played before
  • Record yourself and your friends completing challenges – for example if you reach a fundraising milestone, play BeanBoozled, stream blindfolded, or let viewers control your game settings!
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How you're helping

The money you raise will help keep our service free for those who need it most.

It will help us to recruit and train more Shout Volunteers, who take life-saving conversations with children, young people and adults every day.

You'll make a real difference to those who need urgent support with their mental health.

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Your wellbeing

Playing games can be positive to our mental health by giving us time to relax and to connect with others. Still, it's important to look ourselves yourself while gaming.

We love this advice from Mind on how to game safely and healthily.

Remember, you don't need to complete your challenge for Shout in one go. Take breaks to move your body, go outside and to be offline. Reserve time to take care of yourself while you stream.