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Agilio 3 Peaks header
02 August 2023

Agilio Software take on the UK 3 Peaks Challenge for Shout

Shout Volunteer and Corporate Implementation Manager Nikki nominated Shout as one of her company’s charities of the year, raising awareness of our service among colleagues and the board. Both agreed to support Shout and in June, 21 Agilians took on the challenge, raising more than £24,600. Here, Nikki tells us how they did it.

Why did you choose to fundraise for Shout?

At Agilio Software, one of our organisational values is ‘Making an impact on the wider community’. I’m part of Agilio’s ‘Culture Club’, which helps to achieve this value, and also a Shout Volunteer.


I see the challenges that texters face, the demand for the free service and the need for additional volunteers, so I nominated Shout as our next charity partner.

As a digital software company within the healthcare sector, supporting Shout seemed to be an area where we could make a big difference. The final decision was taken to our board, who were in full agreement that Shout would be a perfect charity to align with and support.

Why did you choose to take on the UK 3 Peaks Challenge?

We chose to take on the UK 3 Peaks because we wanted to do something truly challenging and meaningful.


We wanted to do something that would create wonderful memories, be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our colleagues and provide the opportunity for our team to spend time together.

Secondly, we believed that the bigger the challenge, the more money we would likely raise.

How did you engage team members and motivate them to sign up for the challenge?

Agilio 3 Peaks summit

That was the easy part! We were inundated with interest from team members and in the end our group totalled 21 walkers.

The response from our team and the support from Agilio was phenomenal. We created a dedicated Teams channel to update and motivate people by holding regular virtual meetings, posting updates and sharing training tips. We also made sure we kept the wider company updated as our training and fundraising progressed.

A few weeks prior to the challenge, we also created a WhatsApp group to share last-minute tips and help calm nerves!

How did you ensure you hit your fundraising target?

We created a central ‘Agilio Team’ JustGiving page, and each team member joined with their own individual JustGiving page. It meant that we were able to keep track of both individual fundraising efforts and that of the group as a whole. In our initial comms, we were very clear that part of the challenge was the fundraising and that it was important everyone felt able to reach their targets.

Team members shared their JustGiving pages on social media to encourage donations and our wider colleagues were also very generous. Many of our long-standing clients were kind enough to donate when they heard about the challenge either via meetings or LinkedIn.

The Agilio Culture Club is designed to facilitate and grow great company culture, and the charity division forms part of this. As a result and to support the team, the company pledged a fantastic £5,000 donation.


We were blown away as we saw the fundraising pot rapidly grow. It was a real testament to the dedication of our walkers and their desire to make a genuine difference.

What were your highlights throughout the challenge?

There were many highlights throughout the challenge, almost too many to mention! Firstly, it was wonderful to come together as a team. Many of us work from home and in different divisions, so for lots of us it was the first time we had met face to face, which was lovely - as was the camaraderie, support, fun and laughs that we shared.

The 3 Peaks itself was super tough but made easier by the most breath-taking scenery and the personal thrill of conquering new mental and physical challenges. The challenge is definitely not for the faint hearted and was pretty gruelling in places, but our team spirit shone through and everyone had an amazing experience.

Agilio 3 Peaks team fundraisers

What was the best thing to come out of the fundraising challenge for the team?

I would say the best thing to come out of the challenge for the team was that it brought us closer together, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. It was a fantastic experience and we gained memories that we will cherish for a long time.

What advice or top tips would you give to other organisations looking to take on a challenge and fundraise for Shout?

Don’t talk about it, just do it. Identify one or two leaders who are happy to organise the group and the challenge and go for it. I guarantee that it will be the very best thing your organisation has done for a long time.

The £24,600 raised for Shout was only made possible by the support of Nikki and all the incredible Agilians who took on the
3 Peaks Challenge. If you or your organisation would like to fundraise for Shout like the incredible team at Agilio, reach out to us at [email protected] or take a look at how you could support mental health in your workplace.