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01 June 2022

Becky’s blog: what volunteering means to you

It’s Volunteers’ Week 2022 - a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise, celebrate and thank our incredible Shout Volunteers for the difference they make to people’s mental health, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To mark the week, Shout Volunteer Becky, a university student journalist, has written an article for freshered.com to showcase what volunteering means to her fellow Shout Volunteers - and many more people who volunteer for other causes.

Here is an excerpt from Becky’s article, coupled with some extra testimonies that Shout Volunteers have shared with us. You can read Becky’s full article at freshered.com.

Volunteers’ Week 2022: sharing the volunteers’ thoughts

By Becky Milligan

Profile pic.jpg

Volunteers' Week is celebrated every year on the 1-7 June.

It's a week to recognise and be thankful for the hard work volunteers put in and commemorate their dedication to their organisations.

Many charities and non-profit organisations rely on volunteers to keep running and continue to do the work they do. So it's clear to see why volunteers are extremely important.

Furthermore, volunteering while at university can be a great way to spend your free time, all while gaining valuable skills and experience that you can use in the future.

Volunteering can be a challenging, but rewarding, experience.

What better way to celebrate this Volunteers' Week than to share with you the things Shout Volunteers told me they love most about their own experiences?

Giving back to the community

Kieran said:


"I got into it because I was going through a phase in my life (and still am) where I wanted to give something back, to something I am passionate about."

Making a difference

Louisa said:


"I love the feeling like I have made a difference to someone’s day!"

Gaining and improving valuable skills

Angus said:


“I will never stop volunteering for Shout because the knowledge and experience I have already gained is priceless.”

Meeting like-minded people


“The community of volunteers on the platform are so supportive, clocking into your shift is like meeting friends for coffee. Instantly welcomed and always enough support if needed.”

It's fulfilling!

Laura said:


“If you’re looking for something meaningful to do in your spare time, become a Shout Volunteer!”

The takeaway message

Volunteers' Week is a great way to say a big thank you to the volunteers that keep our charities and non-profit organisations running. The work that they do is honourable. That's why we have Volunteers' Week every year to celebrate their generosity and selflessness.

So, whether you've just started volunteering, or you've been giving up your time for good for years, we say a massive thank you to you. You're doing an amazing job!

Find out more about becoming a Shout Volunteer and apply today.