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10 August 2022

Shout Merch

You’re walking down the street. Thoughts are swirling around your head - you might be worried that you’ve not done as well as you wanted in an exam, or be thinking about a disagreement you had with a friend. Maybe you’re just not feeling like yourself, and can’t work out why.

You look up for a moment to see someone walking towards you. Their t-shirt says, in bright purple writing: ‘You are not alone’.

You don’t yet know what you’re going to do about the things you’re worried about, but the message makes you wonder what that person has been through that made them decide to wear the t-shirt.

Alexis Caught stands wearing You Are Not Alone tee.png

The swirling thoughts slow as you think about that person - to be wearing that message, they may have felt a similar way at one time. If you were to tell them about what you’re worried about, they might get it. You really are not alone.

When you rock a Shout t-shirt, you’re not just helping to fund our 24/7 mental health text service. You’re also reaching out to people who might be struggling, just by wearing it.

Here’s how:

You’ll show people they’re not alone, that you’re someone who will listen

Just like in the above scenario, you never know what impact you could have on someone walking past.

It takes bravery to open up about something we’re struggling with, even when it’s with someone we trust. Often, people don’t know where to turn.

55% of people who text Shout say they felt like they had nobody they could talk to. Imagine if some of those people had seen friends or family in a t-shirt saying ‘It’s okay to not be okay’. Wearing a Shout t-shirt will serve as a sign to friends and family that you’re there for them, they can talk to you, and you’ll listen.

Shout merchandise.jpeg

It can serve as a distraction

Sometimes all someone needs is a distraction from their thoughts to ground them in the present. The bright words and illustrations on your t-shirt could do just that - or perhaps they’ll just start to wonder where you got it.

You’ll spread the word about the Shout service

Every one of our t-shirts features a Shout logo with our number on it, along with a positive mental health message. By wearing our tees, you’ll be helping more people find out about our service, so they know support is just a text message away.

Buy your Shout t-shirts, tote bags or stickers here. (You can also check out our merch’s environmentally friendly creds - they’re very well made by Teemill, using sustainable, organic and recyclable materials).

Thank you so much for your support.