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Marathon runners
12 December 2022

Emma’s fundraising story: running the Amsterdam half marathon for Shout

After stumbling across Shout on social media, 21-year-old student Emma raised an amazing £990 for us by taking part in the 2022 Mizuno Half Marathon. With her own mental health volunteering experience, Emma knew how important the service was and felt comforted knowing she could access Shout 24/7 should she ever need support.

What motivated you to fundraise for Shout?

I came across Shout when scrolling on social media. I quickly became interested in the incredible service they provide and how accessible it is to everyone. I felt a sense of comfort that there’s a charity out there who I could talk to 24/7 should I need to. I have done some mental health volunteering myself and been at the receiving end of messages similar to those that Shout receives, so I know how important charities like Shout are.


Running a half marathon was always going to be a big challenge for me, so I knew that I wanted to raise money for a great charity.

Did you find the fundraising activity beneficial for your own mental health?

Absolutely! I hated running before I started training and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I wanted to give up. Training for this half marathon taught me a resilience I had never experienced before. As my runs got longer, I got stronger both physically and mentally. And of course, running releases those sweet endorphins!

Emma runs the Amsterdam Half Marathon

What were your highlights?

It’s got to be the race itself! To see that all my hard work and early morning training runs had paid off was incredible. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Whatever challenge you choose to partake in, the feeling you get after completion is unmatched. As well as the personal achievement, knowing that the money you’ve raised is going to help someone struggling makes it all worth it.

What would be your one piece of advice to help others make the most of their fundraising activities for Shout?

Enjoy it! Enjoy the process and enjoy how you feel after you’ve achieved your goal. You’re doing an amazing thing for a great charity.

I tried to make my runs as enjoyable as possible by creating banging playlists and running in places I’d never been before to mix it up. It may be hard at times but just keep going!

Sign up for a local marathon or half marathon in aid of Shout here. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear about new events.