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Shout Fundraiser Jonathan.webp
18 October 2022

Jonathan’s fundraising story: running 30 miles and climbing mountains in memory of his partner, Amy

When Jonathan tragically lost his partner Amy to suicide, he knew he needed to do something positive for his own mental health too.

A continuous Shout supporter, Jonathan previously took part in our ‘Run 31 Miles in May’ Facebook challenge. Wanting to do more, Jonathan joined the ‘Run 30 Miles in September’ challenge and climbed the summit of Mount Toubkal in Morocco in memory of Amy, where he even placed a Shout flag.

We are so grateful to Jonathan for his fundraising efforts to help support the Shout text service so that other people who are struggling to cope can access the help they deserve.

Here’s Jonathan’s story.

What motivated you to fundraise for Shout?

In November 2021 I sadly lost the woman I loved, Amy, who I had been with for nearly three years. She had struggled for a while before she took her own life, which left family, friends and myself devastated.


Unfortunately we hadn’t previously heard of Shout; I heard about them on morning TV early the following year and was sure it would not only have been a service Amy may have considered using, but something we would have both supported wholeheartedly.

Tragically, Amy had lost her father to suicide only a couple of years earlier and was committed to finding ways to support others, while also supporting her own mental health.

Did you find the fundraising activity beneficial for your own mental health?

Following my loss I knew I needed to do something positive to help my own mental health and fundraising for Shout seemed like the obvious choice.

I already knew I wanted to climb some mountains which I’d previously looked at booking as personal challenges, but upon seeing Shout’s “Run 31 Miles in May” challenge on Facebook, I decided to sign up as a way to help me get into shape for the mountains as well as raising some funds and awareness for the charity.

I’d suffered an injury a good few years before by over training for the London Marathon, so I hadn’t done much running in the past few years, but I knew if I pulled my running shoes out of retirement I’d be fine if I approached it carefully. I was surprised how hard I found it to start with and how unfit I’d become, but also equally surprised how much I improved during the month.


I’d always prefer to try and fail and learn from the experience than to not have tried at all, it’s a mantra I’ve tried to live to all of my life.

What was your highlight?

I had three mountain climbs booked, the first being in September, but when I noticed Shout was doing another running challenge in the same month I couldn’t help but sign up for it. I certainly enjoyed running much more the second time round and found it a lot easier. The support I received from the Facebook group certainly helped.

Shout Fundraiser Jonathan.webp

I’d managed to complete the 30 miles running and summited Mount Toubkal successfully, which in total was a 37.5 mile trek. I was incredibly proud of myself for this, but the highlight of the month was certainly unveiling the Shout Flag I’d had made at the top for a quick photo.

What would be your one piece of advice to help others make the most of their fundraising activities for Shout?

Although I’m incredibly happy I was successful in both my endeavours, I think the best advice I could give anyone considering joining a fundraiser, would be to not worry if you don’t think you can do it - you might surprise yourself.

Obviously you need to be conscious of your health but the support you will receive from the community will be extremely beneficial and you will certainly feel better for trying.

I’d always prefer to try and fail and learn from the experience than to not have tried at all, it’s a mantra I’ve tried to live to all of my life.

Want to trek the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to fundraise for Shout like Jonathan? Find out how you could do it here.